Prestegården - a place for peace and rest

Photo of Prestegården

The translation for Prestegården is “The minister’s farm”. Most churches in Norway have a nearby house or farm where the minister of the church can live. Today ministers may be responsible for more than one church, and services are not given every Sunday. Therefore some of the old houses have been sold, as was the case for Prestegården at Vigmostad.

Where is Prestegården located?

You find Prestegården in the very south of Norway, at the small place of Vigmostad in the county of Lindesnes. The place is located in a green valley surrounded by tree-covered mountains – away from the roaring sounds of the ocean and the hectic life of the city. The river Audna flows peacefully by. The area has good possibilities for hiking, swimming and fishing. The garden is divided into sections where you can seek your own little place.
At Prestegården you can find peace, rest and time for reflection – a good place for both body and soul.


Quiet days.

Our wish is to create a place where guests can feel comfortable and get rested. We have neither TV nor radio, and we respect the wish for quietness and for taking life at a slower pace.

All the rooms have bathrooms.  The guests can  make their own food in the common kitchen of the guesthouse. Our chappel is always open.

Price per person – pr.night: 500,- NOK.

You may also rent the place. We have three double rooms and five singel rooms.Please contact us for further information.

Host and hostess

Rolf Bergstrøm and Inger Marie Aase, husband and wife, bought Prestegården in the summer of 2005. They have renovated the old minister-residence (1783) by themselves. This classic, old farmhouse has been restored with a unique interior where old and new are combined together in a beautiful harmony.

The host and hostess hope their guests will feel at home both in the old house, which also is their residence, as well as in the new guesthouse which was built in 2009. A few days in quiet and beautiful surroundings may be the small break that will help you restore your inner peace and harmony.

See pictures from Prestegården

By photographer Liv Øvland
By photographer Lars Verket
By the host and hostess


Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Information and booking:

Telephone: (0047) 382 57 383
Cell phone: (0047) 99449279


We will send you an invoice or you can pay cash. NB: We do not have a credit card terminal.
Bank account: 3138 11 00386

Directions on how to get to Prestegården:

Train: Train from Kristiansand takes about 40 minutes, and from Stavanger it takes 2.5 hours. You get off the train at Audnedal station. For transportation from the station to Prestegården you can contact us (100,- NOK), or the local taxi (phone nr. 38 25 92 26 / 41 41 58 99).

Bus: Take a bus to Vigeland (located between Mandal and Lyngdal). For further transportation to Prestegården you can contact us (100,- NOK), or the local taxi (phone nr. 38 25 92 26 / 41 41 58 99).

Car: Drive to Vigeland (E39), which is located between Mandal and Lyngdal. At the intersection with the lighthouse you continue towards Sveindal (RV460). Vigmostad is 16 kilometers from Vigeland. Arriving Vigmostad you will see the church and Prestegården on your left at the other side of the river. Cross the bridge and turn right.

PRESTEGÅRDEN, Vigmostad, 4520 Lindesnes Telefon: (047) 382 57 382 / (047) 994 49 279 E-post: